Final Project Roles

Overall information

In the final projects, our students combine all the knowledge and skills (both front- and back-end) that they have learned in the past 6 months to build a full web-based product (more details over here). To make these projects happen, we need your help so we have support for each student team! We are looking for three sorts of profiles, see below.

Profile 1: Team Instructor// Scrum Master

Time Commitment: One day a week class meeting (2-3 hours) plus ~4 hours during the week, for 7 weeks
Main tasks: Scrum Masters are expected to coordinate the team and make sure everyone knows what they are working on. They can provide support in:
  • Scheduling meetings
  • Working with the team to create and update tasks on Trello
  • Introducing and enforcing Agile practices (e.g. sprint planning, retros)
Assignment: each Team Mentor // Scrum Master will be assigned to 1 Team of 3-4 students

Profile 2: UI/UX Designer

UI/UX Designers are spread across multiple teams
UI/UX Designers will provide their expertise in supporting the students in each team. They can provide support in
  • Developing simple UI for the applications
  • Providing support on answering UX issues
  • Giving advice on how to better design an application to our teams

Profile 3: Technical Advisor

Time Commitment: ~4 hours during the week
Teaching assistant provide technical support to the students as they are developing their projects. They can provide support in
  • Architecture of the application
  • Helping to solve specific implementation problems
  • Helping to solve specific bugs or errors
  • Providing overview of the entire project

How to apply?

Check the Calendar if it suits you and you want to help join us! Contact Yogi by Slack (@yogi) or by email [email protected].