CodeWomen Support
Sorry guys, women only!

What is the time requirement?

  • a minimum of two CodeWomen meets per quarter
  • the meets are:
    • one programme event per month on Sundays, from 12.00 to 15.30 hrs
    • one coding sessions a month on Mondays, from 19.00 to 21.30 hrs
  • you pick the dates of the meets you want to join yourself in advance (we send a Doodle around a week beforehand)

What do you do?

  • We are looking for women developers who want to invest time in encouraging, supporting and coaching women who are changing/have changed their career into tech
  • Being present as a woman who is a professional developer, will make you a role model for our participants who are students, self-learners, graduates and juniors
  • In our monthly programme event, we have a talk or panel discussion on a specific (tech) topic that you can be involved in if you like
  • You provide help as a coach during the monthly CodeWomen coding meets (we aim to have one coach per student)
  • Coding topics can include HTML/CSS, JavaScript, React, NodeJS, Express, PostgreSQL, Heroku, debugging, good practices, testing, and much more
  • Main language is English but many students speak Spanish and other languages
  • We want CodeWomen to be a warm and supportive community for women+, both for students and volunteers, and expect you to contribute to this by making contact, being interested, giving encouragement, etc.
  • Beat the imposter syndrome together! Read about the project here

How can you do it?

  • Sign up by contacting @Henriette directly via Slack or [email protected]
  • You will receive a Doodle invite regarding the meeting dates to confirm your availability
  • You will be added to the CodeWomen-general, CodeWomen-meetings and CodeWomen-volunteers Slack channels
  • We expect you to be at the meets that you registered for, but you can join any other CodeWomen meeting as well. Get introduced to the students, share your experiences and answer their questions about what you do, or help them with their coding questions and projects!