The CodeBuddies project links students who are in need of extra support with developers who have volunteered for this project.
Flexible, two to five hours a week

What is the time requirement?

Flexible, up to 5 hours a week, but it depends on you and your student. If you don't have time in a specific week, you can always inform your student to use the regular support channels on Slack.

What do you do?

  • Support one student through Slack, calls and meetings with homework, planning and more
  • Help when it suits you, during the week or in the weekend
  • You can find a full description of the project here

How can you do it?

  • Sign up by contacting @Henriette directly via Slack
  • Once there is a request for a CodeBuddy that fits with your skills, you will have an introduction meeting with the student and Henriette
  • Find the info sheet for students over here