1 - Semantic HTML and CSS

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Lesson Objective

This is an opportunity for any students who are struggling to get another pass at the basics. Even if it seems like some students get it quickly, try not to rush through this section.

Comments and Tips

HTML Syntax

When conducting the parent/child tags exercise, don't forget to point out that the first <p> tag is both a parent and a child.

CSS Selectors

Students may need more or less review depending on how much they remember from their application process. If students are struggling with the basics, have them go through this CSS Introduction course, starting with the CSS Syntax lesson. Mentors should help guide them through and identify where they're struggling.

Students should set the button background color using the .btn-primary selector, and adjust the white button using the .btn-secondary selector. If they use the .btn selector, they'll effect both buttons. When they do that, use it as a lesson in how Object-Oriented CSS works and how to choose the right selector.

Exercises solutions

Second exercise, the answer will look something like this:

.nav-link {
  border: 1px solid transparent;
.nav-link:focus {
  border-color: #ce5f31;


Homework Suggestion

Remember copy the Homework to the Trello at the end of the class

1) Finish the Zoo Project

  • Finish all the steps of the project (1 Hour)

  • Commit and Push all the changes to your Github account

2) Advanced CSS Selectors

3) HTML Reading (1 hour)

4) Portfolio Project (3 hours)

Practice Day (Saturday)

  • Check together the result of the Zoo Project and the Portfolio Project (1 hour)

  • Solve any doubt about the content

  • Split into groups and keep working on the next steps of the Portfolio Project (3 hour)


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