2 - Git and Github

Practice Day Saturday

We will do the practice assignment provided on Git and GitHub Practice page during Saturday's session of second week. There are additional practice projects mentioned at the end of the page. You can find the practice section on MigraCode syllabus website under Introduction section or follow this link.

Suggested Homework

Exercise 0: Upload your first Migracode GitHub project (2 Hours)

Before you started this bootcamp, you have built a website in CodePen and learned the basics of HTML and CSS. Now it's time to learn about the tools that web developers use in their everyday job. These tools will be used during the course, so it is important that you become familiar with them and use them every day.

How to move your code to Github

  1. Export your website as a zip file from CodePen. Help >

  2. Extract the contents of the zip file to a folder on your computer. Make a note of the location of this folder.

  3. Upload the contents of this folder to a Github repository. To do this, you first need to create a new repository in your account on GitHub that has exactly the same name as the folder of the website on your computer. To upload the code from your computer into your GitHub repository: make sure you are in the directory where you have your website code (use cd to get into that directory). Then use the git add ., git commit -m "Your message" and git push commands as explained.

  4. You should now have a repository with your code in your GitHub account: http://github.com/your-username/your-repository-name. Here you can see your code, and there should be an overview of your files, including an index.html file.

  5. Publish your website following these instructions.

Exercise 1: Go through the Try Git Guide

Exercise 2: Learn How to file a github issue.

Exercise 3: Watch these videos:

Exercise 4: Skim Hadley Wickham's guide to git for an additional refernce.

Exercise 5: Create a repo on GitHub that contains a markdown file that answers these questions:

  • How do you see the files changed within each commit from git log?

  • How do you see the contents of what changed within each file from the git log?

  • What does HEAD refer to in the context of git? (Not to be confused with the "HEAD<<<<" one observes within merge conflict)


We can always improve thanks to your feedback, you can use this document to send your ideas or suggestions on every week. This document will help us to improve Syllabus and this guide

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