Teaching volunteer roles

Main instructor

A main instructor at MigraCode is a technical volunteer who teaches a full module to a group of 14-18 students who are following our web development course. The volunteer can choose which module to teach from our curriculum, in English or in Spanish. It is a great way to get professional teaching experience and get to know our super diverse student groups!

Supporting instructor

A supporting instructor of MigraCode is a technical volunteer that joins classes to help our main instructors with teaching and individually supporting students in a class that are stuck. You can decide until the day before a class if you want to join, so this role is very flexible. It is a great way to get to know MigraCode, discover our teaching methods, get to know students and get coaching experience!

Important note: this is a great option for graduates of MigraCode, to give back to our community and to continue learning by helping others!

Professional skills trainer

A professional skills trainer teaches a class of 'Professional skills', which are focussed on soft skills, communication skills, employability/job-finding skills, emotional intelligence and other non-coding-related skills. It is a really nice way to get professional training experience, share your HR/Psychology/Training/Recruitment knowledge and to get to know our students!

Final projects supervisor

As a final project supervisor, you guide the students through the last and most important part of their MigraCode web development course: the final projects. You help them with managing their Trello board, you meet with them when needed and help them with getting the right support and keeping track of deadlines. Basically, we simulate their first project-management experience! And it's a great way to get to know 3-4 MigraCode students really well and help them graduate from MigraCode while building their portfolio.

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