1 - Node and Express 101

Notes for Instructors

If you are teaching this class in the coming weeks you must instruct your students to complete the instructions below.

Install Postman

Install the software "Postman" for your OS.


If students do not arrive with these steps completed then you will lose a lot of time on your first lesson. You should consider running short mid-week sessions the week before to help students get set up.

Homework Suggestion

Remember copy the Homework to the Trello at the end of the class

  1. If you haven't already, complete the in-class exercises.

  2. Fork and clone the quote-server repo and finish Level 1 and 2.

Practice Day (Saturday)

Live coding session with students to go over quote-server repo project level 1 and 2 and Q&A session to clear their doubts.


We can always improve thanks to your feedback, you can use this document to send your ideas or suggestions on every week. This document will help us to improve Syllabus and this guide

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