Lesson 4: Google Docs

Lesson Outline

In this lesson we cover the following areas:

Google doc

They will get familiar on editing and formatting a google doc

Copy and paste

They will either learn or refresh how can a text be copied


How can a change be undone


Make sure all the laptops are either plugged or with the battery full enough to last for 1 hour at least.

Instructor’s laptop is connected to the projector or big screen.

Do the attendance!



Do a quick recap (5-10) of what they were taught last day. Would be good to repeat the step of creating a new folder in Drive.

Google doc

In the last class the students already added a new google doc to their drive. Ask them to open it (by double clicking on it), and to start adding some text. Any subject works. At least 6 or 7 lines of text.

And try to make sure all of the students can mange typing these 6 or 7 lines as some of them might get stuck.

Add sections to a document

Explain how a line of text can become a title. Go to the predefined formats selector and pick the main title.

Then add a second level of titles.

At this point show them that adding different levels of Titles not only makes the document itself more clear, but also generates an Index which makes it easier navigating to any section in our document.

Formatting text

Explain also how to change the format of a specific word or group of words in a paragraph of text, by using the different menus at the top: Bold, Italic, text font, text size…

Push for them to repeat all the steps.

Selecting text

Before formatting specific words, it would be good to explain quickly how to select a word (placing the cursor over the word + double click) and a set of them (placing the cursor at the beginning, pressing shift key and moving the cursor with track-pad till the end).

Take into account here that they might still be struggling with the track pad, so be patient and try to check how are all the students doing.

Copy and paste

Since they already have their first ‘document’, it is a good time to show how copy and paste works.

Select a text (several lines), copy them, place the cursor at the end of the document, and paste the text.


Now let’s make some changes in the document, changing the format of the text for instance.

And once the changes are done, show them how to go to the previous version of the document by using the Undo command.

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