Mentoring volunteer roles

CodeBuddy mentor

A CodeBuddy volunteer supports one student on an individual, weekly basis with their technical homework (web development). It is a key role for students, as for many students it's their first experience with coding, so individual support helps them a lot to gain confidence and get advice from someone they know better and feel more comfortable with.

CodeWomen volunteer

Sorry guys, this is a woman-only role. We have this strict requirement to create a safe and secure space for the women joining the sessions, to be able to discuss anything that participants want to share being a (migrant) woman trying to find their way into a mostly male-dominated tech world. After all, other tech meetups are mainly men joining, so CodeMen already exists! ;)

CodeWomen tech coach

A CodeWomen coach helps female developers (MigraCode female students and external women) during our CodeWomen sessions. The female volunteer is a key person in encouraging, supporting and coaching women who are changing/have changed their career into tech. During the sessions, you individually coach women. Coding topics can include HTML/CSS, JavaScript, React, NodeJS, databases, Python, UX/UI design, Heroku, debugging, good practices, testing, and much more.

CodeWomen general volunteer

A CodeWomen general volunteer supports the CodeWomen community by giving a talk or workshop in her area of expertise (for example, HRM or career coaching, Agile working, effective communications, etc.). These women professionals are important as sounding board, for answering questions on specific topics of their expertise, and as part of the network of our CodeWomen.

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