1 - Terminal and Visual Code

During the first class of MigraCode we begin with a presentation which usually lasts more than an hour. After the presentation we take a 20 mins break to allow students freshen up before they jump into the course.

Points to remember:

  1. Our students are either refugees or migrants with no previous technical background (except a few).

  2. There are always some exceptional students who want to go a step ahead of everyone else and learn more advanced commands.

  3. There are two optional sections for these students Advanced Terminal -1 and Advanced Terminal -2.

  4. There will always be at least one supporting instructor present in the class.

  5. You can divide students in two groups according to their level of knowledge and go through optional material with students who want more challenging exercises.

  6. It is very important to take short breaks after each hour of class (usually 10 mins)

  7. There will be no homework for the first week except that they need to review inClass material.


We can always improve thanks to your feedback, you can use this document to send your ideas or suggestions on every week. This document will help us to improve Syllabus and this guide

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