3 - Fetching Data

Notes for Instructors

Updating data when props change

"Lifecycle" of a component

With Hooks, we don't really talk about the "lifecycle" of a component any more, but this section is intended to show exactly what happens at each step in the code.

Walking through the code like this is sometimes called "playing computer". A step-by-step description has been provided in the syllabus, but this was intended as revision material. It is recommended to keep the code example on the screen and walk through each line together with the students.

To keep students engaged, it can be useful to ask them to predict what the next step does. This also allows you to get feedback on whether a trainee is following or not.

At the end of the "playing computer" ask whether the students have spotted the bug in the logic: the effect is not updating when the prop changes. Therefore the key point to emphasize is that useEffect is not queued when the component re-renders.

ESLint rule for React Hooks

Emphasize that the rule likely knows best, so if it suggests adding a dependency it is recommended to add it.

Homework Suggestion

Remember copy the Homework to the Trello at the end of the class

  1. If you haven't already, complete the in-class exercises on your pokedex app

  2. Complete all of the lesson 3 of cyf-hotel-react project

  3. Try to complete the Stretch Goal exercises in the cyf-hotel-react homework

Practice Day (Saturday)

Live coding session with students to go over cyf-hotel-react project lession 3 steps and Q&A session to clear their doubts.


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